Tony Dean - Host TONY DEAN OUTDOORS television program
“This is one of the finest pieces of pheasant hunting real estate in America”

Jim Range - Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Washington DC
I have hunted pheasants all over the world and I have never seen pheasant numbers anywhere like what we witnessed today. This was incredible!

Bill Miller - Executive Director - North American Hunting Club
-Host - "North American Hunter" and "Tales of the Hunt" Television
“I’ve been lucky enough to hunt pheasants all over the Midwest for more than 35 years now, but I’ve never seen WILD BIRD hunting as good as it is at Halverson Hunts, LLC. You can count on seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of birds on any given day of the season. The big, WILD roosters are so numerous you can make a trophy hunt out if it if you want to!"

“More than anything else, it’s a pleasure to hunt with Halverson’s. The owner, guides and help are all extremely friendly and knowledgeable hunters. It’s great to feel a part of the terrific conservation success story that Halverson's have built over the years. You’ll see the results the second you set foot in the field."

Gordy Krahn - Host of ESPN Outdoors, Managing Editor of North American Hunter Magazine.
"I can honestly say I've never seen so many birds in the air at one time. I can't image it was any better during the soil bank days. I hunted the South Dakota opener at Halverson's and then again the final weekend of the season in December. I swear I saw just as many birds in December. That should bode well for next season."

Tom Roster-Shotshell Ballistics Expert, Oregon
...Needless to say, I was astounded by the number of wild pheasants on your lands. You've got to be doing many things right-there is some formula you have found by trial and error which works like gangbusters for natural pheasant production. Just as Tony Dean promised me, "This will be the most pheasants you have ever seen!"

Jerry Seaberg - Minnesota
Just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for everything last weekend. We had an outstanding time that far surpasses all of our expectations. Your spread is superior to any I ever hunted and produced more opportunities than I have ever experienced. I especially appreciated how professional and focused you, Big Joe and your dad are in making sure your guests have a fun and safe hunt. You are at the top of my "highly recommended" list. Thanks for creating some great memories of South Dakota!

Tom DeChandt-California
I just want to take a moment to thank you for your hospitality in allowing us to hunt on your property. We had a wonderful time! My brother spoke highly of you and he was right on all counts. It's so refreshing to meet someone with your passion for the outdoors, wildlife management, and all hunting and shooting sports. Keep up the good work. You manage a first class operation.

Mark Meyer-Menomenee Falls, Wisconsin

Halverson Hunts – In my opinion should read Halverson Hunting Memories – I have been coming to the Halverson Farm for the past 10 years to Hunt these 100% totally “Wild Birds” and myself and others in my party of hunters leave each year simply amazed at what we just experienced. The things that standout the most is the friendships created,� the passion that the Halverson Family has for raising “Wild Birds” w/ the best possible habitat you will find anywhere in the country, and the incredible amount of birds you will witness whether the first or last day of the season makes getting a limit secondary.


If you forget your shotgun buy a camera you will be just as amazed – if you do remember to bring your shotgun then bring even more shells……. Mark Meyer – Menomonee Falls, WI


Mark Petrulo-Forest Lake, Minnesota

I first went out to hunt pheasant’s at Steve’s place in 1999. I didn’t know what to expect, other than to be prepared to shoot because there would definitely be roosters in the air.

The weather was cold and crisp. The air was fresh and clean and yes, there were many, many “roosters in the air!!”�� Steve personally guided our hunt and put us on the birds immediately. All of the guides were skillful and friendly and went out of their way to make it a great time for all of us.

After we limited out, we returned to the farm and enjoyed our lunch and the camaraderie of the staff and fellow hunters and shared our stories of the hunt.

For anyone looking for that “once in a lifetime South Dakota pheasant hunting experience” there is no other place to go than to Halverson Hunts in Kennebec, South Dakota. The only problem is that you’ll get hooked like I did, and return year after year after year!!

Tim Nicholson-Madison, Wis.
"If you want to experience a true wild bird hunt, with the natural beauty of South Dakota's prairies and 25 years of hunting experience, join the Halversons for a hunt of a lifetime. Or you can keep shooting those tame birds at a game farm."

Bill Grady-Fenton, Mi.
"Just wanted to tell you that Bill and I had a great time, best pheasant hunt ever! You and your dad made us feel like we had known you for years. Also, your promise of seeing several hundred birds daily may have been the understatement of the year!