About Halverson Hunts

Steve Halverson - Owner

We are fourth generation Lyman County farmers. Our Great-Grandfather homesteaded south of Kennebec S.D. in 1902.

We started our commercial hunting venture in 1985. We decided to market the abundant wildlife hunting opportunities found on our farm. During that first season we had just one group of 10 hunters. This group is still hunting with us each year and have become very good friends and loyal customers.

What started as an experiment has grown into a highly popular destination for outdoorsmen and women from all over the U.S.

Currently our farming practices and crop rotations are geared to enhance wildlife. We believe there are three things essential for the production of wild pheasants: shelter from our winter weather, food to help them survive our South Dakota winters, and nesting habitat such as CRP, pastures, grassy draws, etc. Each year we continue to develop more habitat by planting trees, food plots and entering more acres into the CRP program.


We are located in south-central South Dakota, in the middle of pheasant heaven.